Client Testimonial

"I literally “cold called” Four Cornerstone and spoke with Hunter directly. I explained our situation, and told him I was shopping around for a best fit. Instead of getting some “hard sell”, he recognized that we had some serious needs, and that we clearly had no staff or understanding of the Oracle Database system. We were in a pinch, and I am quite pleased to say they got us turned around quickly. Instead of overselling their business, they allowed us to work with them initially for a fair hourly rate. This worked out best for us, as we sought out a “try and buy” scenario.

We’ve been quite pleased with the whole process. It’s been over two months now, and we’ve recently signed an agreement to utilize them for all of our support and maintenance needs on all of our Oracle Servers. Hunter’s team is quite knowledgeable, and the response time is very quick. We have called them late night and on the weekends, and get the same type of response times. Additionally, they are quite good about documenting their work and providing additional documentation detailing areas that they felt we needed to address relative to configuration and long term planning.

Overall, we’re quite pleased. We needed a reliable group to coordinate our Oracle Solution, and they continue to perform exceptionally".

Jeff Preston

"I literally just returned from an Oracle class on APEX in Reston, VA last night. That was my 15th Oracle class, which I believe demonstrates my approval of Oracle's training.

I have also used Four Cornerstone for "fill-in-the-gap" training and as an emergency "go-to" agency for issues where I need an immediate solution. Their services have been exactly what I asked for and exactly what they told me they would provide. I can honestly recommend them without reservation.

As for a comparison to Oracle training, I think that would be comparing "apples to oranges" in my situation. Oracle's training is structured and based on a syllabus with proven prerequisites for students seeking knowledge in a specific area. With Four Cornerstone, it's more ad hoc. My needs range from take your time and provide me the solution to "I need it to work now!" Although I have only utilized Four Cornerstone's services about 5 times, I believe I will continue to utilize them as long as there is a need.

My contact information is below if you would like more information or have additional questions. If your experience with Hunter's group is anything like mine, I believe you will be very satisfied with their services."

"Hunter is a person of impeccable character and always is focused two objectives - exceeding his client's expectations and working with the highest integrity. In the years I've known Hunter, those two objectives have always been core to his approach to business. Four Cornerstone and the consultants take on the personality of its leader. Any client can be assured that they will be treated with the greatest respect and honesty when working with Hunter and his team at Four Cornerstone."

"I was fortunate to have worked with Four Cornerstone. The firm has a sense of customer focus and thoughtful leadership. I have seen the company excel in sales and business development through Hunter's great passion, desire to make the customer successful and overall dedication. His energy and enthusiasm rubs off on everyone he works with and Four Cornerstone is always willing to go the extra mile and create business opportunities."

"Four Cornerstone is very professional and dedicated. Their commitment to deliver is always appreciated as they leave no stoned unturned to achieve a promise they make. The work ethics makes Four Cornerstone what it is today, catering to hundreds of happy customers in Texas. I would recommend this firm to every corporate company who is looking for reliable IT support and services."

"Four Cornerstone has helped us through a project to upgrade and standardize our OVM environments. Hunter and his team are very knowledgeable and have been a great partner in getting these environments standardized with no interruptions in system availability."

"People don't hesitate to contact Four Cornerstone for your MySQL Enterprise technology requirements. They are an authentic Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle MySQL Preferred Business Partner. Hunter Herren and his experienced force are well versed with MySQL Technology. I have seen them in action and have to say that they are doing a commendable job."

"Four Cornerstone – an Oracle MySQL Preferred Business Partner and Oracle Gold Partner – is one of our fastest growing partners. Led by Hunter Herren, he and his experienced engineering team truly understand the Oracle and MySQL Enterprise Database landscape, providing MySQL solutions based on customers' specific business needs. We are proud to have Four Cornerstone as an Oracle MySQL Enterprise Partner and would highly recommend them to any company seeking an enterprise technology solution."

"Great product and great company in Four Cornerstone to work with."

"Their expertise and responsiveness was just what we needed, Highly recommended."

"Four Cornerstone resources have proven invaluable in solving complex Oracle-related challenges for Zethcon and our customers. Their expertise and responsiveness are top notch and we value them as a partner."

Helping businesses and organizations significantly improve their processes and maximize resources

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Four Cornerstone, an Oracle Gold Partner, is a global IT consulting firm offering extensive expertise in enterprise application and database services, enterprise system integration, custom application development, mentoring and training, with ongoing technological support of a software solution based on web and database technologies. We provide complex Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware solutions including custom application development (ADF 11g, PL*SQL, Java, APEX) as well as Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Application Development, business intelligence, performance analysis and tuning, emergency support, and proactive Fusion Middleware and Database monitoring for Oracle and MySQL Database environments.

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We offer a range of software solutions and technology services to address any complex business challenges. We help businesses and organizations significantly improve their processes and maximize resources by providing daily strategic enterprise technology solutions. Our clients benefit from our extensive industry partnerships and our dedication to developing long term client relationships. Our service portfolio covers the complete technology stack required to run business software applications and leverages technologies from leading software vendors. Four Cornerstone is consistently and Oracle preferred partner.

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